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DIGEST & ASSIMILATE Synergistic Herbal Wellness Program


DIGEST & ASSIMILATE synergistic herbal wellness program is formulated to gently detoxify the digestive system, nourish the liver, tone the gallbladder, and build digestive fire. The protocol optimizes the gut to easily assimilate nutrients, leaving you feeling light and energized. 

The program includes 3 deep-acting and highly synergistic remedies designed to be used on a daily basis for a period of one month:
  • LIVER CARE concentrated liquid capsules (60)

This synergistic blend of bitter roots (oregon grape, yellow dock, burdock, dandelion, red root, fringe tree root bark) and milk thistle seed gently drains, detoxifies, tones and nourishes the liver. This is a gentle, well-rounded daily formula that can be taken for as long as 3 or 4 months to achieve optimum digestive health. The majority of the plants in this formula are bitter and astringent, and are also beneficial for the gallbladder, while stimulating bile flow and peristalsis. The herbs are full of antioxidants, act as very gentle diuretics, and support the lymphatic and immune systems.

Do not take during pregnancy.

  • CARMINATIVE Digestive Herbal Blend (one-month supply of 12 oz)
An all-organic and caffeine-free digestive blend that is warming, uplifting and comforting!

Turmeric is a golden anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that detoxifies and nourishes the liver. A light touch of black pepper helps to fully absorb turmeric’s healing properties. Ginger root and lemon thyme are warming and stimulating. They tone the digestive, respiratory and immune systems, while fighting unwanted bacteria and inflammation. Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and juniper berry are delightfully spicy, uplifting and warming. They help to relieve gas and bloating, and have strong anti-bacterial properties. Marshmallow root and rose petals soothe, repair and tone the digestive membranes.

The kit includes 30 generous servings of the plants.

  • REKINDLE YOUR FIRE Digestive Bitters (1 fl oz/30 ml)

This is an aromatic digestive bitters spray which can be used before, during, or after meals to stimulate bile flow, activate digestive function, and help relieve gas and bloating. The gentian root and dandelion root are both highly beneficial for liver and gallbladder support. Gentian root is a famous bile-activating bitter which helps to assimilate nutrients, while dandelion root is a mild diuretic and works to gently detoxify the digestive system. Chamomile flowers are warming, antispasmodic, and gently relax intestinal cramps. Fennel seed, prickly ash bark, orange peel, and ginger root are carminatives, which relieve gas and bloating. Oregon grape, yellow dock, and blue flag roots are bitter, anti-bacterial, and immunostimulant tonics that activate the flow of bile and help with GERD.

Do not take during pregnancy.

DIGEST & ASSIMILATE herbal wellness kit is accompanied by a brochure which details the use of herbal remedies, and offers inspiration for your work with the plants.

The optimal length of the program is 2 to 3 months. To continue with the program, you may purchase additional herbal kits or individual remedies.

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I recommend this product
I love this product. Each morning, I make a large batch of one of the teas, I take a few of the suppliments for my immune system, and put the oils on me, which sets the tone to a Great and deeply satisfying day.

Im still using this product, and am loving each routine, smell, taste and experience they bring into my body and my mind. The ingredients are clean and clear, with pure taste, which feels nourishing and clearing. I tend to use a lot of energy during the days, so having, clean, clear teas which allow me to move with ease and clarity, is exactly what I need am looking for. I love these products !!

Diana R.
Sheffield, MA
Great results

Warmicita Herbals is hands-down my favorite herbal kit. I highly recommend the Digest & Assimilate program, which I have been using to help support years of gut imbalance. The results have been fantastic - I can tell the ingredients are quality because the formulas are so effective, and at the same time gentle enough even for my very sensitive system. I love how well-rounded the protocols are - I have all the herbs I need in one package! The simple schedule is so easy to follow for a daily ritual. Feeling so great on this kit, and I will likely repeat it again!

Sam M.
United States United States
Powerful and Very Healing!

I am entering the second week of the month long digestive treatment and I am already noticing positive effects. When following the pre and post-meal directions, I feel a positive difference in my daily digestion. Since I am a big coffee drinker, the herbal blend tea is a good alternative to my usual caffeine intake especially reducing acidity that coffee provides with the amount of turmeric in it. Also, since I do a lot of physical activity and have a good work out regimen, I feel a bit of lasting energy as well which is a great natural boost. It also doesn't hurt that the digestive spray and herbal blend both taste amazing and the ingredients are so aromatic and fresh. I have a couple more weeks to go, but I am looking forward to re-supplying and logging my health at the end of the month.

Warmicita Herbals DIGEST & ASSIMILATE Synergistic Herbal Wellness Program Review
Kelly S.
Long Island, NY
Lovingly prepared and special

I love that Warmicita offers fresh, lovingly prepared herbal programs that make complete sense right now, when everyone’s top priority should be their health. I landed on Digest & Assimilate as my first kit. My senses were touched in such a loving way, as soon as I opened the box. I love the pungent and aromatic bitters and palpably feel the difference in my digestion since I started using them. Everything about organic, carminative tea is beautiful, from the exquisite compostable packaging to the highly perfumed blend itself, filled with ginger, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, lemon thyme, juniper berry and roses. Loving it! Thank you Warmicita, for creating these very special comprehensive herbal programs that I have been craving!