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Story & Philosophy


Warmicita Herbals is a New-York based synergistic herbal wellness company founded by Katya Varlamova - clinical herbalist, plant grower, medicine maker, naturopath, Earth lover and mama.


Inspired by our mission and based on Katya's 10+ years of experience as a clinical herbalist, we have developed a line of PURE, COMPLETE, HIGHLY SYNERGISTIC & DEEP-ACTING HERBAL WELLNESS PROGRAMS, rigorously formulated to optimize the most important aspects of your health and well-being.

All of our remedies are made of organic, sustainably wild harvested & eco-cultivated plants, thoroughly tested for purity. Whole plants are used whenever possible. The remedies are therefore "FULL SPECTRUM," meaning they combine all of the compounds that naturally occur in plants, thus offering DEEPER THERAPEUTIC ACTION.

"WARMICITA" is an endearing word meaning Woman and The Feminine Principle, in the ancient language of the Quechua, the indigenous people of the Andes.

Our herbal wellness programs and remedies are created for use by both men and women. They honor the ancient wisdom of nurturing, nourishing and healing by plants, nature and the Earth.  

10% of all remedies and kits go to those in need of herbal medicine but unable to afford it at this time (students, elderly and low income individuals and families). 


The time has come when it is of tremendous importance for all of us to be strong and resilient in every aspect of our being: physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. Health is the foundation of life, and is our most precious asset. 

The plant world has been here since time immemorial, and plant species have survived many challenges by developing deep resilience and vitality. Plants are able to impart these precious qualities to us, and teach us exactly this - how to survive and to thrive! They help us center emotionally and energetically, while allowing us to find more strength, clarity, openness, creativity and inspiration in our lives.



Our product and kit packaging is fully sustainable.

We use only:

  • Recyclable glass bottles,
  • Fully recyclable and compostable stand-up pouches,
  • 100% recycled and recyclable, non-laminated paper remedy labels,
  • 30-50% recycled and 100% recyclable corrugated kit boxes, and
  • Biodegradable and recyclable "green" paper wrap.

Our boxes are printed with true water-based inks, which are environmentally-safe, non-toxic, and completely free of UV-reactive chemistries.




"Nature has been my saving grace, my refuge, and my inspiration for as long as I remember myself.

Plants have literally saved my life, many times over. They have helped me heal from a devastating traffic accident by restoring my physical body and holding space for the much needed emotional healing to unfold. Powerfully, lovingly and patiently, they have guided me on a long journey of self-discovery to a place of harmony with the deepest essence of my soul which was finally free to express itself creatively in all of life's wondrous facets.

Many significant life changes had to be embraced along the way, including quitting my convenient yet no longer inspiring work in finance, moving out of the city and re-visiting some of my important relationships. On a sunny spring equinox of 2008, as I was trekking the spectacular Cordillera Blanca mountains of the Peruvian Andes, I sat down by the sparkling blue waters of a mountain lake. As I was admiring the white snow-covered mountain tops, I suddenly felt a sense of deep, overwhelming commitment to fully embrace my life-long journey with the green beings.

Years of herbal studies, adventures and work have followed. They have taken me around the US, South America and Europe - growing medicinal plants, making them into herbal remedies, doing clinical work and teaching herbal medicine classes. Along this amazing journey I received many precious healing gifts. They have inspired me to create WARMICITA HERBALS in order to offer you as complete a healing experience as possible with the plants, while making the most of their unique and powerful gifts."  

In her one-on-one work with clients Katya calls on the wisdom and generosity of the Western herbal tradition, precious ancient teachings of TCM and Ayurveda, and magical powers of the Amazonian plant medicine.

Katya stands by the importance of working with the whole person, honoring and being fully present to the beautiful, intricate complexity of each of her clients.

She deeply believes in the foundational principle of naturopathic philosophy: the importance of "identifying the cause of the cause of the cause" when addressing any of her clients' physical imbalances.

Katya does so on the physical plane, and if her clients request further insights, she works with them to identify any emotional, psychological or energetic  patterns that may be at the root of the physical suffering. No matter how uncomfortable and limiting these subconscious belief systems might feel, once seen, understood & accepted, they often hold a key to our deepest and most authentic gifts of this lifetime.

In her highly intuitive and holistic approach to working with clients, Katya often uses flower essences, essential oils, flower waters, ritual, meditation, breathing, journaling and visualization techniques.

Katya offers herbal medicine classes, medicine making workshops, and plant medicine retreats in the US, Europe and South America.

She is available for private herbal consultations, group workshops & retreats.