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Warmicita Herbals Herbal Wellness Programs


These are ready to use, synergistic and deep acting herbal health programs.

Katya created these herbal health programs/kits based on her 10+ years of experience as a clinical herbalist.

Over the years of her clinical practice Katya witnessed how powerful plants are in creating long-term health when synergistic remedies are skillfully combined and taken together over an appreciable length of time. It is this clinical experience and knowledge that had inspired Katya to create synergistic herbal health programs that focus on the most important aspects of human health.

So what exactly is the difference between following one of Warmicita's herbal health programs vs. taking single herbal remedies?

The answer to this question is two-fold:

First, each of our programs combines 3 rigorously formulated botanical formulas that are designed to work TOGETHER in deeply SYNERGISTIC ways. 

Second, each of our herbal kits combines remedies of 3 different types, including concentrated liquid capsules, liquid herbal extracts, herbal teas, flower baths, and essential oils roll-ons. And here is why! Each of these delivery mechanisms allows us to register, process and integrate the healing energetics of plants in its own unique way, using taste, smell, touch and vision. This 4-way integration process is very powerful, and has a long-term positive impact on our health.

This is why our herbal programs combine 3 synergistic types of remedies and always include herbal blends, flower baths or essential oil roll-ons - for you to have as complete as possible sensory healing experience with the plants.


When used consistently, these protocols encourage deep systemic healing while nourishing the vital force and bringing your health to its highest expression.

Each herbal wellness kit is accompanied by a brochure that details the use of herbal remedies, and offers inspiration for your work with the plants!

The remedies are to be used on a daily basis for a period of one month in order to achieve the desired benefits. While we typically feel positive changes within 2 weeks to a month of starting on the kit, the ideal length of the program depends on the individual, and often varies between 2 to 3 months.


Our herbal wellness programs come in exquisitely designed boxes, made of fully recycled and recyclable/compostable materials. They make perfect gifts of health and wellness for your family and friends!

We offer 4 synergistic herbal wellness programs which focus on the most important aspects of human health:


These are the four cornerstones of our well-being, and are deeply interrelated.
For example: better stress management will improve digestive health, immunity, and energy levels. Better digestive health will yield more energy and also enhance the immune system. 

These key aspects of health must be supported, nourished, and maintained at optimal levels, in order for us to fully embrace our health, energy, vitality, and ultimately, life itself!


"I am in love with the Relax & Recharge kit by Warmicita Herbals! My sleep quality and my mood improved ever since I got started on the program. These plants do magic for your nervous system and adrenals, and make you feel calmer and more grounded. Plus you’ll get to take the most beautiful and relaxing aromatic flower bath as a part of the process! The Unwind essential oils roll-on smells fantastic, is very relaxing, and feels great on my skin. It’s one of my very favorite additions to my beauty and wellness routine!" ~ K B, Brooklyn NY

If you are interested in our 12-month seasonal health program please click here.