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More often than not clients come into my office looking to heal physical symptoms: digestive issues, poor sleep, hormonal imbalances, stress/burn-out, overall depletion and low energy levels, auto-immune problems, aches and pains, to name a few.

Whatever the issue, we work closely together to identify the root causes of the dis-ease and to encourage healing on every level that is affected: may it be physical, emotional, psychological, energetic or spiritual.

At times just working the physical plane with plant medicine, vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements is enough to nurture ourselves to health, balance and vitality.

But more often than not root causes of physical dis-ease lie with the sub-conscious emotional, psychological, energetic or spiritual patterns we had developed earlier in life as a result of the endured pain, suffering and trauma. These emotional blocks, old belief systems or inter-generational conflicts, among others, often carry over into our adult lives, stifling our freedom and self-expression, bringing an additional layer of stress into our being and diminishing our vitality.

If not acknowledged and consciously shifted they eventually manifest as discomfort in our physical body. And while physical pains are no fun to endure they are often a way for our soul to alert us to the fact that something is out of harmony with the deepest essence of our being.

In my private sessions I often rely on dynamic kinesiology to shine the light on the root causes of suffering to enable my clients address them at the deepest level possible. 

This holistic approach to well-being provides for long-term, sustainable changes in one’s health, vitality, self-expression, and oftentimes outlook on life.


In my work with clients I heavily rely on the healing powers of plant medicine using Western herbs, precious teachings of TCM and Ayurveda, and magical gifts of the Amazonian plant medicine.

I also frequently call on the healing gifts of flower essences, guided meditation and ritual whenever the work calls for shifts in the non-physical realms of being.


The initial private consultation lasts about 90 minutes and includes a detailed discussion of your health goals, health history, investigating root causes of imbalances, and developing a personalized health strategy. 

The initial consultation fee is $200.

Sliding scale is available upon request.

Shorter follow-up consultations (30 mins/$60 or 1 hr/$135) can be scheduled on an as needed basis. 


During our 3-month health partnership we work together to bring your health and well-being to the next level. This program includes a 90-minutes initial consultation and six 45-minute follow-up sessions (one session every 2 weeks). We develop an in-depth herbal, nutritional and life-style guidance to bring your health and vitality to their highest expression. We use our follow-up sessions to go deeper into various aspects of health and self-awareness, encouraging deep and lasting changes to your well-being.

The program fee is $675.


Katya offers private and group herbal medicine classes, medicine making workshops, and plant medicine retreats in the US, Europe and South America. 


If you have any questions or to schedule a private session please email Katya at:



"Collaborating with Katya has been nothing less than transformational and has allowed me to get to a place I never knew was possible. After just two sessions, I felt lighter, more confident and energetic and excited to see what was next. She helped me uncover many issues from my past that had been hindering my growth and enabled me to clear a path forward to have a more healthy and vibrant life. She is knowledgeable, honest, supportive and responsive. I very much appreciate her encouragement to look deeper within and discover the connection between my physical and emotional wellbeing. Katya is extremely special, nurturing and kind – she is pure magic and I am forever grateful. THANK YOU, Katya!"

~ Kelly R., Dallas, TX


"Katya has been extremely helpful on my healing journey to Self. We worked together on recovering my energy after shock and from living in a draining relationship, as well as on healing some persistent physical symptoms. The remedies Katya suggested for me really helped my mental and physical being. Our sessions always felt very uplifting! I am feeling better than ever! Right at 5 months later after our first meeting. Thank you so much Katya! You are fantabulous!"

~ Angela F., Nashville, TN

"My sessions with Katya have helped me tremendously as I have worked for the last year to rebuild and restore my health.  Katya is thoughtful and patient with my questions, and has helped me to find the right supplements to encourage my body to heal. I have been taking the Immunity Builder capsules and using the Warmicita Tea. My energy levels have increased, and my sleep has become very deep and restorative. I highly recommend Katya's consultations, and the herbal products that she uses."

~ J.R., Portland, OR