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an experiential workshop

@ The Alchemist's Kitchen (SOHO/NYC)


6.30 - 8 PM

During this highly experiential workshop we will tap into the magic & power of gratitude using sacred plants, essential oils, flower essences, guided mediation and journaling.

Gratitude carries one of the highest vibrational frequencies on the planet and opens us up to receive joy, love and abundance in a whole new way. Life becomes a harmonious flow, and many doors open to us as if by magic.

Yet its highest, truest & most powerful form - undivided gratitude - is often hard to hold in the face of life's challenges. During our time together we will go on a hero's journey that will empower you to embrace and hold this magical vibration with certainty & resolve.

Our work this evening will be to go beyond feeling grateful for the obvious blessings life has to offer. With the help of plant medicine, partner work and meditation we will zoom in on recognizing, acknowledging, feeling and fully owning the gifts and initiations we have received as a result of difficulties and traumas we have experienced in our life.

What are the most precious aspects of our essence that we have developed through or despite these experiences? Recognizing and owning them fully allows us to shift the lower vibrations of guilt, shame or victimhood into the radiance of gratitude, joy and abundance.

We will create and experience the state of undivided gratitude that unifies the heart and the mind, the conscious and the subconscious. This is the only space where a true energetic upgrade is possible. 

You will leave the workshop with a clear tool kit that will allow you to recreate this powerful vibrational space of inner knowing and deep gratitude to self and to Life, at any time on your journey.






Monthly Women's Circle


5 - 8 pm

@Moxi - 598 Broadway, NYC 10012 

Our deepest desire is to create a loving community of beautiful sisters and a nurturing space for us all to connect, share, explore, express, support, create and celebrate!

During this gathering we will keep dancing with the notion and the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. What does this powerful energy embrace and hold in its truest expression? What are its most significant and magical qualities and aspects? How do we tune into them and embody them fully? And how do we get in touch with and heal the wounded Feminine that many of us carry inside as a result of past family and societal traumas?

We will engage in group practices using sacred plants, guided meditation, journaling, breath work and movement, to embrace, anchor & manifest the highest aspects of our Soul essence.

We will celebrate our Circle of Sacred Sisterhood with music, movement, delicious herbal drinks and laughter!

If you are looking for a safe & supportive community to fill up your cup and let your light shine brighter, please come join us!

Limited to 16 participants.

Exchange: $75 

2 BIPOC/AAPI/financial hardship scholarships are available.

TO REGISTER: please email


KATYA VARLAMOVA is a clinical herbalist, plant grower, naturopath, Earth lover and mama! In her private practice she relies on the healing powers of plants, their wisdom and generosity of spirit in guiding her clients on their journey to deep self-awareness and radiant well-being. Katya is a founder of Warmicita Herbals - an organic herbal wellness line offering synergistic herbal wellness programs and seasonal health kits that empower people to own their health and vitality. Katya leads plant medicine retreats, and loves teaching herbal medicine classes in her unique, highly experiential way.

LISA SUMPTION is the founder and Clinic Director of Moxi, a new healing space in which she practices. Lisa is a Doctor of Acupuncture and East Asian medicine, a licensed and nationally board certified acupuncturist and clinical herbalist. She specializes in the treatment of pain, anxiety disorders, TMJ and women’s health. She particularly loves supporting and assisting patients achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery through her treatments and unique guidance.