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The healing power of Presense šŸŒ•

Thursday September 28th 2023Ā / NYC / 6.30 - 9 PM

IĀ feel blessed to welcome you to a loving community of beautifulĀ sisters - a sacred spaceĀ of deep connection, respect, presence,Ā nurture, nourishment &Ā celebration.

During these very special gatherings we embrace and nurture the sacred ways of the Divine Feminine - the magical Source of life and healing.Ā 

Our next gathering will be illuminated by the healing light of the Harvest Full Moon in Aires. This powerful moon calls for uncompromised authenticity,Ā autonomy,Ā bold self-expression and TRUE PRESENCE TO SELF while also evolving in our relationshipsĀ (Sun is in Libra).

This is a fine art to practice, and this evening,Ā with the help of partner work, breath, ritual & magical gifts of the Rosa Castilla flower essence, we will create and hold a precious space of true Presence to ourselves and to the sacred circle. A powerful healing space where YOU CAN CHOOSE YOU, and step into a newer, more vibrant and authentic version of yourself, your work, your relationships, and your creativity.
Towards the end of the circle we will make a fragrant salt & flower bath for you to take home and enjoy!

Limited to 15 participants.

Exchange: $54 and includes moon bath materials, sliding scale available.

TO REGISTER: pleaseĀ Venmo @Katya-Varlamova.



"That was an incredibly beautiful and deeply powerful ceremony for me. Thank you SO SO much for that! I just loved the meditation. It really drew me into a deep place and was so transformative in such an unexpected way. I will definitely join again in the future.Ā Sending so much love!" ~ Lara R.

"Our circle last nightĀ was very special and moving. I had not done an inner child meditation before and it was so cathartic, revealing and healing. I appreciated the way you led the evening in all the facets. A truly beautiful experience, and I felt a nice shift in self upon wakingĀ this morning! Sending you love and gratitude for all the beautiful work you do." ~ Kim F.


PLANT WALK & MEDICINE MAKING IN THE HUDSON VALLEY /Cold Spring NY (easy Metro-North ride from NYC)

Join me forĀ a walkĀ in the beautiful Foundry Preserve in the bucolic village of Cold Spring NY to ID and wild harvest a few beautiful medicinals, including mugwort, ground ivy, poke root, celandine, burdock and motherwort! We will take a moment toĀ connect with these precious plants in their wild habitat, and bring some of them back to Ascend Center on 75 Main in order to turn them into beautiful plant medicine, such as smudge sticks, teas, oils, and tinctures. You will take home a magical smudge stick, fresh mugwort tea and oil, and ground ivy tincture which you will be able to use this winter for coughs, any ENT issues and to strengthen the respiratory system.Ā 

This is aĀ fun, hands-on and highly experiential workshop for nature lovers and those interested in green medicine!

We will finish the afternoon with beautiful herbal mocktails from my garden.

City friends are welcome! Cold Spring is an easy and beautiful train ride along the Hudson (Metro-North trains leave from Grand Central and Harlem/125th Street.)

For details and to register:

Plant Walk & Medicine Making in Cold Spring