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Warmicita Herbals Seasonal Subscription Relax & Recharge Kit

Seasonal Subscription

Welcome to our Seasonal Health Program!

This program is developed for those who would like to use plant medicine to nourish their health and vitality in harmony with the cycles of Nature. Each season is a unique opportunity to experience our health and our life in a new way.

Late fall and winter are a natural fit for building stronger immunity, energy reserves, and strengthening the respiratory system. Early spring and early fall (change of seasons), according to many ancient healing traditions, are the best seasons to gently detox, nourish and tone the digestive system, building digestive fire and activating the liver and the gallbladder functions. This process also helps to alleviate seasonal allergies and assists with natural weigh loss appropriate for the season. Summer naturally lends itself to finding those moments of deep relaxation, recharging, restoring and replenishing. 

This is a 12-month program which can be started at any time of the year.

No matter where in the year you begin, you will be able to complete and benefit from the full yearly cycle. You will be receiving 6 herbal wellness kits over a 12-months period. The appropriate one for the new season will be delivered to your door by the 1st of the month.

Below is the Seasonal Health Program schedule.



May: Energy MASTER





You will also receive an exclusive email with the delivery of each kit, containing additional information on seasonal health, lifestyle tips and practices, diet suggestions and herbal recipes that will support your work with the plants and make your program even more effective!

*Cancel your subscription any time if you are not loving it. A prorated refund will be issued for the value of the kits which have not yet been shipped.