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CARMINATIVE Digestive Herbal Blend/12 oz - 30 day Medicinal Supply



Turmeric is a golden anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that detoxifies and nourishes the liver. A light touch of black pepper helps to fully absorb turmeric’s healing properties.

Ginger root and lemon thyme are warming and stimulating. They tone the digestive, respiratory and immune systems, while fighting unwanted bacteria and inflammation.

Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and juniper berry are delightfully spicy, uplifting, and warming. They help to relieve gas and bloating, and have strong anti-bacterial properties. Marshmallow root and rose petals soothe, repair, and tone the digestive membranes.

INGREDIENTS: an all-organic blend of turmeric, ginger, lemon thyme, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, juniper berries, marshmallow root, black pepper, rose petals.

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Place a heaping tablespoon of the blend into a heat-resistant cup. Pour 8 oz of boiling water over the herbs and steep covered for 10 to 15 minutes. The longer you steep the plants, the stronger the infusion. Strain the plants and enjoy your herbal tea! Add a touch of honey if desired. 

You can use a teapot or a French press to infuse your plants. The French press is a convenient and excellent option as it gives your plants ample space to infuse fully.

You can infuse the same serving of plants twice and enjoy your second cup of herbal tea later in the day!

WHEN TO DRINK YOUR HERBAL INFUSION: After meals, or any time during the day except bedtime - as it is quite energizing!

This fully recyclable and compostable pouch contains 30 generous servings of the plants.

NET WT 12 oz (340 g)

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May L.
New York, NY
A great coffee replacement!

I've been enjoying the Carminative blend - it is so generously packed with super fresh and fragrant herbs! Ginger, turmeric, cardamom, juniper berries and beautiful rose petals make me feel energized and in tip top shape. I have replaced my many coffees per day with your rich tea. These plants are keeping me healthy and grounded, and have certainly improved my digestion and immunity too.

Kelly S.
Long Island, NY

Everything about this organic carminative tea is beautiful, from the recycled packaging to the perfumed blend itself, filled with turmeric, ginger, lemon thyme, cardamom, cloves, juniper berry and roses! It keeps me going back for another cup, so I use the same serving of plants for three delicious cups a day! The quantity of the herbs in the pouch is really generous and lasts a long time.