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LA LUNA Herbal Wellness Gift Box


This beautiful gift box includes:

  • TRANQIULI-TEA - delightfully fragrant, calming, soothing all-organic & caffeine-free herbal blend  of lemon verbena, catnip,  peppermint, rose, chamomile and lavender. Lemon verbena, catnip, lavender and chamomile are powerful nervine herbs that nourish and calm the nervous system. Peppermint, catnip, lavender and chamomile are also strong anti-spasmodic plants and work to relax the digestive system. They relieve gas and bloating, and promote better assimilation of nutrients. Roses are astringent, cooling and nourishing for the digestive membranes. They are also deeply nurturing and uplifting for the heart and the soul.  1.5 oz.
  • LA LUNA RUTUAL BATH SALTS - these luxurious, highly aromatic salts are made with therapeutic grade, organic essential oils of Clary Sage, Cardamom, Bergamot & Marjoram, fragrant roses, calendula and lavender flowers, in a mix of Himalayan, Epsom and Dead Sea salts. They will rejuvenate & remineralize your body, nurture your skin, improve circulation, boost immunity, delight your Spirit & Nourish your Soul. Can be used for highest quality foot soaks. 4 oz.