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“Warmicita Herbals is hands-down my favorite herbal kit. I highly recommend the Digest & Assimilate Herbal Wellness Program, which I have been using to help support years of gut imbalance. The results have been fantastic - I can tell the ingredients are quality because the formula is so effective, and at the same time it is gentle enough even for my very sensitive system. I love how well-rounded the protocols are - I have all the herbs I need in one package! The simple schedule is so easy to follow for a daily ritual. Feeling so great on this kit, and I will likely repeat it again!” 

~ Diana Rose, Sheffield MA.


“I love Warmicita's Thrive! herbal blend. I find that it has a perfect balance of energy and soothing calmness. I can drink it even before bed, and don’t have any problems going to sleep. I really love and highly recommend this tea!” 

~ Yury O., Brooklyn NY.


I am in love with the Relax & Recharge kit by Warmicita Herbals! My sleep quality and my mood improved ever since I got started on the program. I now sleep soundly for 8 hours straight and wake up refreshed and ready to win the day. You will have more energy too, and feel more balance in your life. These plants do magic for your nervous system and adrenals, and make you feel calmer and more grounded. Plus you’ll get to take the most amazing and relaxing aromatic flower bath as a part of the process! The Unwind essential oils roll-on smells fantastic too, is very relaxing, and feels great on my skin. It’s one of my very favorite additions to my beauty and wellness routine. I highly recommend this magical herbal kit!

~ Katya Braxton, New York, NY


“I am a tea lover, and I have been looking for a perfect blend of medicinal herbs that provides health benefits as well as pleasant taste and aroma that would carry me through the day. All of these qualities I found in Warmicita Herbal’s Immunity Tonic. From the very first cup I realized that this blend was prepared with deep knowledge and care by an experienced professional herbalist. I look forward to trying more of these amazing blends. Thank you so much for making them available!”

~ Felix Vasserman, Brooklyn NY.


“The Unwind roll-on smells divine! I want to bathe in this scent. Just one deep inhalation and I feel safe, calm and connected. Whenever I wear it, I can't stop smelling my wrists!” 

~ Erin Berte, New York.


"Katya has been my magical herbalist healer for over 10 years.  Because of her I kicked a long time smoking habit.  Just like that... When she manifested Warmicita Herbals I knew the world was going to have the opportunity to do a lot of good healing. I use Warmicita teas and roll-ons on a daily basis and rotate them based on my health or emotional needs. I love Relax & Recharge kit. It is calming, grounding and nurturing, and is an exquisite and magical experience with the plants. Immune Master program helped me recover from a deep-seated nasty infection this past winter and get my energy back. I have also gifted Warmicita kits to my family and friends over the holidays and everyone was very happy with their results. Every single ingredient inside the remedies is bursting with life force. This is the rarest of finds. Buy one of everything and add them to your medicine cabinet!

~ Lea Garnier, Woodstock, NY.