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Herbal Consultations

Katya Varlamova


In her one-on-one work with clients Katya calls on the wisdom and generosity of the Western herbal tradition, precious ancient teachings of TCM and Ayurveda, and magical powers of the Amazonian plant medicine.

Katya stands by the importance of working with the whole person, honoring and being fully present to the beautiful, intricate complexity of each of her clients.

She deeply believes in the foundational principle of naturopathic philosophy: the importance of "identifying the cause of the cause of the cause" when addressing any of her clients' physical imbalances.

Katya does so on the physical plane, and if her clients request further insights, she works with them to identify any emotional, psychological or energetic  patterns that may be at the root of the physical suffering. No matter how uncomfortable or limiting our subconscious belief systems might feel, once seen, understood & accepted, they often hold a key to our deepest and most authentic gifts of this lifetime.

In her highly intuitive and holistic approach to working with clients, in addition to traditional plant remedies, Katya often uses vibrational flower essences, essential oils, flower waters, ritual, meditation, breathing, journaling and visualization techniques.

Katya offers herbal medicine classes, medicine making workshops, and leads plant medicine retreats in the US, Europe and South America.

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