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ENERGY MASTER Synergistic Herbal Wellness Program


ENERGY MASTER synergistic herbal wellness program is formulated to increase your energy levels, stamina and vitality, and help you stay focused and centered while making the most out of your day!

The program includes 3 deep-acting and highly synergistic herbal remedies, designed to be used on a daily basis for a period of one month, in order to receive the desired benefits:

  • STRENGTH & VITALITY concentrated liquid capsules (60)

This powerful blend of adaptogenic roots (ashwagandha, eleuthero, rhodiola, American ginseng and red Chinese ginseng), mushrooms (cordyceps) and berries (schisandra) strengthens the adrenals, supports the immune system and tones the nervous system. Adaptogens increase energy levels and build stamina. They also calm the mind, center the energy, and help us handle stress, physical and/or mental exertion with more ease.

Do not take during pregnancy. 

  • THRIVE! Medicinal Herbal Tea  (10 oz)

This all-organic, caffeine-free herbal blend is energizing, uplifting and warming!

Ginger root, tulsi, goji berries, and licorice root are all powerful adaptogens that strengthen the adrenals and the immune system. Ginger, tulsi and licorice also work together to strongly support digestive and respiratory health.

Three different varieties of tulsi - Rama, Krishna, and Vana - are included in order to supercharge the potency and balance of this infusion. Holy basil, or tulsi (a Sanskrit name which translates as “the incomparable one”) is highly revered in India as a powerful rejuvenating tonic ("rasayana") and a sacred plant grown at home and around the temples.

Goji berries are delicious tonics, full of antioxidants supporting the immune system and macular health. Roses nourish the heart, and are full of vitamin C and beauty!

Caution: Contains licorice root. If you have high blood pressure or take blood pressure medication please consult your health care practitioner before using this blend.

  • ENERGIZE! Essential Oils Roll-on (10 ml)
An invigorating and clarifying blend which combines the essential oils of frankincense, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary in pure jojoba oil.

If pregnant, please consult a healthcare practitioner before using this roll-on.

ENERGY MASTER kit is accompanied by a brochure which details the use of your herbal remedies, and offers inspiration for your work with the plants.

The optimal length of the program is 2 to 3 months. To continue with the program, you may purchase additional herbal kits or individual remedies.
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United States United States
I feel so lucky to have these products. They have become an essential part of my day, every day. Thank YOU !!

I love love love this tea! it's so clean and energizing, I trust the ingredients, how they are grown and put together. You taste the purity and vitality of each ingredients. When I work all day,this is my Go-to, tea to sustain my energy and focus. And..... I love this skin oil, the smell bring such a wonderful feeling and smile to my face.

Regina B.
Brooklyn, NY
I absolutely love this kit!

I’m a healthy and active woman, and I am quite discerning with my diet and supplements. I always look for natural ways to enhance my daily experience and overall state of being. After about 10 days of using Warmicita’s Energy Master, I noticed that my energy levels were much more stable throughout the day. My mood brightened as well and got that extra good pitch. I absolutely love this kit as it is a great combination of everything my body needs throughout the day and night. Yes, I noticed that my sleep became much more restorative. Taking the capsules in the morning before breakfast gave me the best results, and the tea is my to go-to beverage during the day. I keep the essential oils roll always handy, and somehow it manages to bring a smile to my face anytime I smell it :)!

United States United States
First off, I enjoyed the branding/packaging a lot. Beautiful.

Overall, very good. A nurturing experience. I can't say I felt notably energized over the month but, in hindsight, I did make it through a hideously demanding month of work--long hours, being pulled in every direction--so I'm glad I had the support of the herbs. I like the oil, always enjoy aromatherapy, but would like a stronger scent. The tea was wonderful--abundant and pungent. I love that penetrating gingery warmth.

United States United States
LOVE LOVE LOVE this kit!

Amazing products and ingredients that help me retain the energy I need to get through the day with energy and joy!

Warmicita Herbals ENERGY MASTER Synergistic Herbal Wellness Program Review